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The Stoyak are an advanced humanoid civilization indigenous to the planet Bira III. They are about four feet tall, with large craniums and yellow skin.

As they developed over a million years of evolution, Stoyak came to value ideology above life. They invented aircars, interstellar communications and brain devices capable of temporarily augmenting mental capacity.


In the 21st century, Stoyak aircraft were able to traverse the planet's radiation belt for the first time. Once they discovered the humanoid Garda on the other hemisphere, Stoyak began to invade their territory, starting a war that lasted for 200 years.

In 2270, the Garda and Stoyak jointly requested Federation aid to make peace, though the Stoyak intended it as a trick. After a landing party from the starship USS Enterprise greeted the Garda representatives at the meeting point, Stoyak aircars led by Colonel Knarg ambushed them and took them captive. Their leader Uxorda subjected Spock and Montgomery Scott to a brain device which led to Scott becoming a Stoyak god and general, while Spock escaped to lead the Garda. The war culminated in a trial by combat between Scott and Spock, during which the effects of the brain device wore off. When the two officers made peace with each other, it inspired troops from both sides to stop fighting. (TOS comic: "A World Against Itself")



  • 14th Combat Aircraft Division

Known individuals[]