Straczeskie was a male human Starfleet Admiral in the 23rd century.

Nearly a century old by 2246, he had served as a captain of a starship with Charlie Pike, father of Fleet Captain Christopher Pike. Charlie Pike once saved Straczeskie's life when he took a laser blast for the man.

Later, as an Admiral, Straczeskie interviewed a young Christopher Pike when he applied for admission to Starfleet Academy.

In 2246, Straczeskie and other officers at Starfleet became suspicious that Captain Kamnach of the USS Aldrin was taking the law into his own hands on the frontier. When Kamnach's first officer had to take emergency leave, Straczeskie arranged for Christopher Pike - then a Lieutenant Commander - to be assigned as Kamnach's first officer. Pike was able to discover that Kamnach was indeed taking the law into his own hands during a conflict the Vestians had with their rebels, and relieved Kamnach of duty. After returning to Earth, Straczeskie revealed to both Charlie and Christopher Pike the truth behind the younger Pike's assignment on board the Aldrin. (TOS novel: Burning Dreams)

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