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The Dominion's alliance with the Breen angers Damar; Worf and Ezri are taken to Cardassia to be executed; Winn learns that it was the Pah-wraith who came to her in the vision and decides to help the disguised Dukat free them, turning her back on the Prophets.

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Julian BashirCorat DamarEzri DaxSkrain DukatFemale ChangelingGorJones (Lieutenant)Kira NerysMartokMiles O'BrienQuarkBenjamin SiskoSolbor JynanWeyoun 7Weyoun 8Winn AdamiWorfKasidy YatesKira Pah-wraithOdo Pah-wraithSisko Pah-wraithSolbor Pah-wraith
Referenced only 
DaxJadzia DaxSirella, daughter of Linkasa

Locations[edit | edit source]

CardassiaCardassia CityDeep Space 9Dominion Headquartershabitat ringPromenadeQuark'sStation commander's office
Referenced only 
AndoriaBadlandsBajorBajoran wormholeCelestial TempleGoralis IIIQo'noSSeptimus IIIUnroth system

Starships[edit | edit source]

Breen battlecruiserB'rel-classJem'Hadar fighterKlingon bird-of-preyMiranda-classVor'cha-class
Referenced only 
Cardassian patrol shipUSS Defiant (Defiant-class escort, also in opening credits)

Races and cultures[edit | edit source]

Referenced only 

States and Organizations[edit | edit source]

Bajoran MilitiaBreen ConfederacyCardassian GuardCardassian UnionDominionFoundersKlingon Defense ForceKlingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Cardassian Eleventh Order

Other references[edit | edit source]

alienBajoran religioncaptainclonecloningcommand centerdartboardDominion WarEmissary of the Prophetsescape podgeneralhoneymoonkaikoganka puddinglanding padlegatemilaberrymorphogenic virusneural truncheonOccupation of BajororbOrb of Prophecy and ChangePADDranjenRestoration of Bajorsonic showerspace sicknessspringwinesubspacetargthotthree-dimensional chessuniversal translatorvedekwar criminal

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The Changing Face of Evil
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