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Strange New Worlds: Mission Compendium Vol. 2 was a Star Trek Adventures RPG volume.



A Cure Worse Than the Disease characters[]

JaylemNelviaValastra Th'lacenXanodelTresta Zammeline

Plato's Cave characters[]

Jannick StoltzMachine Consciousnessautonomous drone
Referenced only 
Tanner Cole

Drawing Deeply from the Well characters[]

Patricia CosaliaHas HaftThird Shackle BreakerNelia Yotskyhook auto-repair unit

No Good Deed characters[]

Kala'ZeeJaymala ParetSeevraDoradin spitting spider
Referenced only 
James T. Kirk

The Whole of the Law characters[]

BovokkanHamisorThelema Master ComputerVishorasaKorborode mercenaryrobot drone
Referenced only 
Aleister Crowley

Footfall characters[]

Ashgrave IVIndira ChahalAnnalisa Duval
Referenced only 

A Cry From the Void characters[]

Abassa VII oceanic entityLishkaMishran Vol

Darkness characters[]

Krilian MindKrilian PodMenosV'Lar

The Angstrom Operation characters[]

Amelia AdamsAnvokDenevan neural parasitesMyrokiV'TolElora Welgin

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Bunker Hill (Hermes-class) • USS Catalina (Ptolemy-class) • ImmutiCorp strike shipUSS Infrared Dreams (Ptolemy-class) • USS Kevera (Ptolemy-class) • T'Mira
Referenced only 
USS Kongo


Abassa VIIAlpha Doradis IIAngstrom BaseAshgrave IVDemilitarized ZoneDran'AnkosDran'Ankos PrimeEarthFosstarian IFosstarian IIJ05+833PeldrinarPurgatory (planet)Skyhook AlphaTanghal IVThelema (Light Face, Dark Face) • Trax Epsilon I
Referenced only 
AcamarAlpha QuadrantArgelius IIBeta QuadrantCestus IIIDelta QuadrantDenevaJupiterJupiter StationLV-714Nimbus IIINorth AmericaOmicron DeltaRisaShackleton ExpanseTellar PrimeXindus

Races and cultures[]

AndorianAngelCardassianDemonDoradinFerengiFosstarianThe FreeHumanKlingonKorborodeTellariteThelemanVulcanXindi-AvianYridian
Referenced only 
BajoranBetazoidDenobulanFoundersGornHur'qOld GodsOrionRomulanSilver BloodTrill

States and organizations[]

Cardassian High CommandFederation Science CouncilImmutiCorpSixth OrderStarfleetStarfleet Corps of EngineersTal ShiarUnited Federation of PlanetsVoice of PurityVulcan Expeditionary GroupVulcan Science Directorate

Other references[]

Anchilles feverCherenkov radiationdeuteriumdilithiumduraniumgamma radiationimprovised explosive deviceLADARlatinumlirpanadion particle waveOutlander Virusphotonic crystalPrime Directivestellar inversion drivetetryon waveWorld War III


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