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Stranger Worlds, Issue 3 is the 3rd issue of the Star Trek/Green Lantern crossover


In issue #3 of the blockbuster crossover, the race to the planet Oa continues. Will Captain Kirk and Hal Jordan be the first to find the legendary home of the Green Lanterns, or will Sinestro and the Klingons beat them to it?


Previously in Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds:
The last few Lantern Rings in existence are dying. Without a Power Battery to recharge the rings, the various Lantern Corps will be no more.
But the discovery of Manhunters by Captain Kirk and Hal Jordan suggests that the planet Oa, home to the Guardians of the Universe, may exist in this reality. The Manhunters, however, do not come in peace.
Meanwhile, a trio of Green Lanterns investigates an attack by the Red Lantern Atrocitus at a secret Starfleet base, and a startling discovery is made...

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Log entries[]

Captain's log, supplemental. 
En route to rendezvous with John Stewart and the other Green Lanterns, the Enterprise has come under attack.
Hal Jordan calls them Manhunters.
He thinks they're proof that the same Guardians of the Universe who created the Green Lantern Corps exists in our reality.
I just hope we live long enough to find out.



James T. KirkHal JordanThaal SinestroHikaru SuluNyota UhuraSpockCarol FerrisMontgomery ScottPavel ChekovKhan Noonien SinghJohn StewartGuy GardnerKilowogAtrocitusMalik

Starships & Vehicles[]

USS EnterpriseUSS Bryant


Races & Cultures[]

Human (Augment) • VulcanBolovaxian

States & Organizations[]

FederationStarfleetGreen Lantern CorpsStar Sapphire CorpsRed Lantern Corps

Technology & Weapons[]

ManhunterPower Battery

Ranks & Titles[]


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