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{{Comic|cover image = Image:Stranger Worlds 5.jpg|cover artist = [[Angel Hernandez]]|series = {{ST|The Original Series}}|miniseries = [[Stranger Worlds]]|writer = [[Mike Johnson]]|artist = [[Angel Hernandez]]|published = April [[2017]]}}'''Stranger World''' is the 5th issue of [[Stranger Worlds]].
{{Comic|cover image = Image:Stranger Worlds 5.jpg|cover artist = [[Angel Hernandez]]|series = {{ST|The Original Series}}|miniseries = [[Stranger Worlds]]|writer = [[Mike Johnson]]|artist = [[Angel Hernandez]]|published = April [[2017]]|covers = 3}}'''Stranger World''' is the 5th issue of [[Stranger Worlds]].
== Description ==
== Description ==
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green lantern kirk.jpg
green lantern kirk.jpg
Stranger Worlds 5.jpg|Regular Cover by [[Angel Hernandez]] and [[Esther Sanz]]
Stranger Worlds 5 sub.jpg|Subscription Cover by [[Hugo Petrus]]
Stranger Worlds 5 RI.jpg|Retailer Incentive Cover by [[Chris Mooneyham]]
=== Connections ===
=== Connections ===
{{Star Trek movie tie-ins}}
{{Star Trek movie tie-ins}}

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Stranger World is the 5th issue of Stranger Worlds.


The blockbuster event of 2017 will continue here as the fight for the future of the Green Lantern Corps erupts. Can Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise stop Sinestro from conquering the planet Oa for himself? Or is it too late to stop the green light of Hal Jordan's ring from fading forever?


Previously in Star Trek/Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds:
Sinestro has reached the planet Oa at the center of the universe and freed the Yellow Light Entity from its prison inside the Central Green Power Battery.
Khan and his newly awakened Augments have escaped Starfleet custody and arrived at the Klingon Homeworld as they embark on a new mission of conquest.
The crew of the U.S.S.
Enterprise and the last surviving Green Lanterns have allied themselves with the Manhunters in a quest to stop both Sinestro and Khan.
But time is running out...

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Starships & Vehicles

USS Enterprise



Races & Cultures

Human (Augment) • VulcanManhunter


States and organizations

United Federation of PlanetsKlingon Empire

Other references

Teleport gate





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