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In the twenty-first century: United at last after countless years of warfare, humanity turns towards the stars. But when an alien spacecraft crash-lands in the South Pacific bearing visitors from another world - the Vulcans - Earth must decide whether to extend the hand of friendship, or the fist of war...
While in the distant future, horrible dreams torment Admiral James T. Kirk, dreams promoted by his reading of "Strangers from the Sky", a book about the historic first contact. Dreams of an alternate reality where he somehow changed the course of history - and destroyed the Federation before it began!


McCoy convinces Kirk to read a new novel, Strangers from the Sky, which purports to tell the story of the real first encounter between humans and Vulcans, twenty years before the official first meeting. A Vulcan scout ship crashlanded on Earth, with its two survivors, T'Lera and her son Sorahl being found first by a farming couple and then by the crew of a submarine. However, both Kirk and Spock begin to have dreams indicating they were present during events. In an attempt to regain their sanity, and with Kirk having recalled Elizabeth Dehner was present, they begin a mind meld to retrieve the memories.

Early in the first five year mission, the Enterprise encountered a planet phasing in and out of existence. Kirk, Spock, Mitchell, Kelso and Dehner beamed down but soon afterwards they disappeared from the surface, being transported back in time two hundred years. The humans were met by Parneb, a long-lived human who lived his life out of order and was responsible for the planet, while Spock sought refuge with Jeremy Grayson, an ancestor known for taking in refugees.

The groups learned of the Vulcans' existence on Earth and, fearing their presence had interfered with history, Kirk and Dehner infiltrated a party sent to the Antarctic to meet them. When the news was leaked to the media, nearly everyone else was evacuated. Mitchell joined in time to warn them of an attack by terrorists seeking to make a statement, while Spock also joined them using Grayson's credentials after he suffered a fatal stroke. Together, Kirk and Spock stopped the submarine captain Jason Nyere from announcing their existence to the media in order to prevent the authorities ordering their execution and convinced T'Lera not to kill herself and her son to prevent further violence.

The Enterprise group arranged to have the Vulcans leave the planet in an abandoned DY-100 ship and erased the memories and records of the humans involved, leaving Sorahl's journal as the last piece of evidence upon which the novel would be based. Parneb then returned them to their own time, tampering with their memories in turn. Their recollection of events restored, Kirk and Spock muse on their impact on events.



23rd Century
Cleante al-FaisalElizabeth Dehner (alias "Sally Bellero") • DeSalleJohn GillAmanda GraysonLee Kelso (alias "Howard Carter") • James T. KirkTran Van KyJohn KyleMatheeLeonard McCoyGary Mitchell (alias "Jerzy Miklovcik") • Galarrwuy NayingulHeihachiro NoguraMark PiperPurdiKoro QuintalMontgomery ScottKrista SivertsenSpock (alias "Ben") • T'SriNyota Uhura
21st century
AghanTatya BilashEasterJeremy GraysonKazeHenry MoyYoshi NakamuraMahmoud Gamal al-Parneb NezajNoirJason NyereReeta PatelRacherRedSavarMelody SawyerSelikSorahlStellRaven Takes-the-BowT'LeraT'PrethT'SaafT'SyraMariya Yevchenkova
Referenced only
AhkarinJasmine al-FaisalIsaac AsimovBachDavid BaileyBomaBorodinFletcher ChristianZefram CochraneJohn FarrellHassan FathySean FinneganGarth of IzarDora GraysonColonel GreenHannibalAdolf HitlerHrokkJaegerGalileo GalileiGaramet Jen-SaunorKinskiKodosKyleJanice LesterJabilo M'BengaCarol MarcusJoanna McCoyMerlinAbu NidalScarlett O'HaraParmenChristopher PikeProkofievRamses IIIJanice RandRojanRosebudRuthCarl SaganSarekSargonWilliam ShakespeareAreel ShawKhan Noonien SinghSocratesSotirBenjamin SpockSurakTrelaneT'saiT'ShaelT'SriJanet WallaceJohn Wayne

Starships and vehicles

UNSS AmityCSS Delphinus (SCC-MultiUse) • DY-100 sleeper shipUSS EnterpriseUSS FarragutUNSS IcarusUSS IntrepidK'tinga-class starshipUSS ReliantUSS RepublicsnocatsnowmobileVulcan robot shipwingboatCSS Xeno


61 CygniAlabamaAldebaran colonyAlexandriaAlpha CentauriAmericas BaseAntarcticaAreciboArgeliusAgro IIIAgro IVBabelBostonBrisbaneCantonDarrinbandiDelta VegaDownUnderseaEarthEaster IslandEgyptEnglandEpsilon EridaniEpsilon IndiiFairbanksGlockamorraGoddard MoonbaseHollywoodIrelandIvory CoastJupiterKapeshetKhazakstanKievLagosLimaLlingri Star ClusterLunaM-155MaliMarsMarsbaseMartian coloniesMayabi FaultMemory AlphaNeptuneNevadaNorfolk IslandNourlangie RockOhioOort cloudPacific OceanPitcairnPlutoPosnanRano RarakuRigel XIIRoss Ice ShelfSalt Lake CitySan FranciscoSector Epsilon Z-3ShiKahrShiloh, TennesseeSol systemSolomon IslandsStarbase 6Starbase 16StockholmSunshineTerraMain SpacedockTezqanThebesTierra del FuegoTimbuktuUkraineVancouverVulcanVulcan Space CentralWestern DesertWoolwongaWyoming

Races and cultures

AndorianCentaurianCoridaniHortaHuman (Jewish) • KlingonMedusanMelkotOrganianOrionRomulanTellariteThasianTroyianVulcan

States and organizations

AgroInternationalAlliance for the Twelfth of November (Twelve November Alliance) • Back to Earth MovementBoston MuseumBoy Scouts of AmericaCombined ServicesComm CentralCommPoliceDove SocietyEaster RebellionGdansk ShipyardsGestapoGlobalNewsGround Forces IntelligenceIntergalactic Brotherhood of Space CadetsIrish Republican ArmyMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMediaCommMediaMagixMeteorComMuseum of the South PacificOffworld ServicePeace Fellowship/Peace InstitutePentaKremProlificomRed BrigadesSeaSourcesStarfleet CommandSTEM Local 583TellarUnited EarthUnited Earth AeroNav ForcesUnited Earth Ground ForcesUnited Earth CouncilUnited Earth Space Probe AgencyUnited Federation of PlanetsUniversity of Pacifist StudiesVulcan CouncilVulcan High CommandWelcome

Other references

12th century BCE204520482055206520682087agronomyAncient AstronautandroidAntique Films FestivalapricotArmagnacArticles of FederationAstromanceAswan DamAustralianBabel Interplanetary ConferencebabushkaBleak HousebourbonbrandyByrd Research ComplexCheshire catchesschicken KievClass MclearsteelcoffeecommphonedateDemeroldjellabadolphinDream-timedVel'nahresperEugenics WarsFaustThe Final ReflectionFlag Officers' Handbookflame-throwerFlying DutchmanFreedom of Information ActGibraltar LocksHigh Commissioner of United EarthholovisionIDICinfrawhiteintracranial senceiverka'athyrakaiidthkatrakelpkelpwiltKobayashi Maru scenariokolinahrkroykahlaser pistollaser rifleLieutenant KijeloshiraqmaleshMaoriMedArts complexmeperidineMind Control LawsMind Control RiotsmintMurasaki IndexMurphy's LawNapoleon Complex • "A Nation Once Again" • neo-dopaminesneutron cannonThe Once and Future KingParkinson's diseasepeace symbolpenguinspetuniaPhilosophers' StonepoetryPrefectPrime DirectiveProvopsychoscanPurdi's Book EmporiumriceRomulan WarsSDIThe Seventh SealSingingsoccersonic grenadeSorahlazestardateStrangers from the Sky (23rd-century novel)T'Kahrta'altal-shayatapewormteatennisTellarite InsurgencyThird WarThrough the Looking Glasstime-warp speedtobetofuTwelve November UprisingUFPMA Seal of ApprovalUnited Earth AccordsUnited Earth MovementUniversity HospitalV'GervidvertisingVulcan ArchivesVulcan Prime DirectiveVulcanian ExpeditionWar and PeaceWarmongoriaWeltschmerz • "wiping" • World Hunger Year Concert/Concert for PeacexenobiologyXenopsych TodayxenopsychologyyarmulkeYou and I


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Publication history

  • 1987
  • 1993 - Pocket Books paperback reprint.
  • 1999 - Simon and Schuster Audioworks audiobook re-released in November.
  • 2006 - Pocket Books issue a new reprint in august, with new cover art, as part of the 40th Anniversary of Star Trek celebrations.




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