Stroyka (2267)

Stroyka in 2267.

Stroyka was a Modalan from Modala. In 2267, he led his people against the Krisaia regime. After his world joined the Federation, Stroyka became the ruling head of Modala for the next century. (TOS comic: "The Price of Freedom"; TNG comic: "Prior Claim")


In 2267, Stroyka was part of one of the rebel groups that opposed the Krisaia regime on Modala. In a prison, he met Starfleet undercover observers Capt. James T. Kirk and Ensign Pavel Chekov. Stroyka was, despite being young, offered by Kirk to lead his people to freedom. He was able to help Kirk, Chekov and the others to escape from the prison. (TOS comic: "The Price of Freedom") When Kirk and Chekov asked for Stroyka and his people's help in rescuing Spock and McCoy, he at first refused. Stroyka was then convinced by Chekov to help them. Stroyka, Kirk, and their men were able to save Spock and McCoy from the firing squad, allowing Kirk and the landing party to escape back to the Enterprise. (TOS comic: "For Whom the Bell Tolls")

Stroyka (2367)

Stroyka in 2367.

Stroyka and his people were then able overthrow the Krisaia. For the next century, Stroyka became the ruling head of Modala after it joined the Federation. In that capacity, he oversaw many of his government's programs personally. In that time he married a woman named Neera, and the two had family. One of his children had a little song bird for a daughter.(TNG comic: "In Memory Yet Green...")

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