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For the mirror universe counterpart, see Sturka (mirror).

Sturka was a male Klingon who rose to become Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire sometime prior to 2255.

In 2218, Councillor Sturka received a report from Do'Yoj including information about the baby Albino. Sturka later used this knowledge to take prominence and power from the House of Ngoj. (TLE novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)

As Chancellor, Sturka held power by keeping the High Council divided into three rival factions, in order to prevent the councillors from plotting against him. One of the council members allied with Sturka was Councillor Gorkon.

In 2265, following the mysterious destruction of the USS Bombay, Sturka presided over a meeting of the High Council to determine whether the Klingon Empire should take advantage and attack Starbase Vanguard in the Taurus Reach. Sturka ultimately decided against such an attack, but also instructed Councillor Duras to investigate the reasons behind the Federation's expansion into the Reach. (VAN novel: Harbinger)

In late 2267, Gorkon attempted to convince Sturka to pursue peace with the United Federation of Planets and with the Tholian Assembly. Sturka rejected the idea outright. (VAN novel: Precipice)

In 2268, Sturka set aside his family's feud with the House of Duras and replaced his alliance with Gorkon with one with Duras. However, Gorkon had reports of Duras's alliance with the Romulan Tal Shiar leaked in late 2268, and the councillor enjoyed public defamation. Sturka rejected Duras and resumed his political relationship with Gorkon. (VAN novel: Storming Heaven)

Sturka was succeeded as Chancellor by Kesh in late 2269/early 2270. (TOS novel: Agents of Influence)

An unnamed Klingon Chancellor is depicted in the IDW comic: "Beneath the Skin". As this story is also set in 2267, this unnamed character may be presumed to be Sturka.


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