The Klingon privateer SuD Qav was a Klingon pirate ship in service in the mid-22nd century. Its commanding officer was Captain Lokog. The SuD Qav was crewed with QuchHa' Klingons.


On October 19, 2163, the SuD Qav detected a Lorillian freighter in the Kandari sector. Captain Lokog decided to raid the freighter and sell any surviving Lorillians as slaves on the Orion market. The freighter was disabled and its duranium cargo stolen by the Klingon pirates.

The Federation Starfleet starship USS Pioneer found the wrecked freighter and rescued four survivors. Chief engineer Dashec asked Captain Malcolm Reed to go after the SuD Qav, but the Federation ship was inside Rigelian jurisdiction and could not interfere. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

In 2165, the SuD Qav detected the USS Flabbjellah battleing a starship of unknown origin with incredible techologies. Captain Lokog decided to intervene and disabled the Starfleet ship, then contacted the ship's commander Daskel Vabion. The two came to an agreement, and the SuD Qav joined the Ware ship.

Lokog brokered several drone fleets of the QuchHa' rebellion, however the Empire was able to defeat the rebels, and hunted down Lokog, destroying SuD Qav with all hands. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Live by the Code)




The ship was named Sud Qav in its single mention in Tower of Babel, but was named SuD Qav in Live by the Code. (In his annotations for Live by the Code author Christopher L. Bennett acknowledges that he mis-capitalized the ship's name.) Translated from the Klingon language, the name means "last chance".
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