Subcommander is a commissioned rank in the militaries of the Confederacy High Command and the Romulan Star Empire.

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In the Romulan fleet, a subCommander is between a Centurion and a Commander. It is equivalent to the Tal Shiar rank of Major.

Erei'Riov' was a Romulan word meaning "subcommander"; Captain of infantry, Lieutenant Commander of Fleet. This was a standard rank for a first officer. (TOS novel: The Romulan Way)

SubCommander is the usual rank of a warbird's First Officer, and in Federation terms, it is equivalent to a Captain of Infantry, or a Lieutenant Commander of the Fleet. The Rihannsu word for "subCommander" is "erei'Riov" (erei = sub, riov = commander).

(TOS novel: The Romulan Way).


In the Vulcan fleet, a subcommander is between a major and a captain. In terms of equivalence, a subcommander falls between a Starfleet commander and captain.





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