Suldok was a Commander within the Romulan Star Empire who was part of a group known as the Empty Crown that believed the Romulan people had grown weak to fight against enemies such as the Federation. Suldok decided to make a grab for power and take command of the empire by finding the Master Control Facility that would allow him to take control of the Exomorph's. To do this, he bought the information from the Ferengi Omag and began his plot.

But the Exomorphs attracted the attention of the USS Enterprise. The Hazard Team infiltrated the Empty Crown's base inside the Federation-Romulan Neutral Zone. Lieutenant Alexander Munro and Ensign Jorge Gonzales infiltrated the base with the assistance of a spy. But the spy was really working for Suldock. After the Hazard Team collected false information on the location of the Master Control Facility, Suldock led a contingent of security to capture them. He explained that their "unprovoked" attack would frighten the Romulan Senate into giving the Empty Crown more power and the right to build up more exomorphs. However, Gonzales tackled Suldock, causing him to drop a datapad that had the Master Control Facility's real location. Munro grabbed it, and was beamed back to the Enterprise.

Suldok went to Tolochon II, another neutral zone planet and the location of the Master Control Facility. When a pair of Romulan warbirds ambushed the Enterprise, Captain Picard informed the Romulans of the Empty Crown's plans. The Empty Crown attacking the Romulan investigation team was enough to prove Picard was telling the truth.

Munro, after infiltrating the facility, faced off against Suldock. Munro defeated him, and Suldock was last seen collapsing after he released the ultimate exomorph. He most likely died then or when the Master Control Facility was destroyed. (TNG video game: Star Trek: Elite Force II)

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