Suliban cell ships were the primary type of starship used by the Suliban Cabal during the mid-22nd century. Cell ships were warp capable which was powered by a cascading ion drive. They were also armed with particle weapons and equipped with a cloaking device.

Two different types of cell ship were observed by the crew of the NX-class Enterprise in the 2150s: a small one man fighter which was about the same size as an Enterprise shuttlepod, and a larger vessel that was also equipped with a tractor beam. Both kinds of vessels were capable of combining to create a larger structure, such as a helix.

In April 2151, the Enterprise crew captured a small cell ship and used it in an attempt to rescue Klaang from a helix. The cell ship remained aboard Enterprise for over a year, and was unofficially christened T'Pol by Commander Charles Tucker III. (ENT episode & novelization: Broken Bow; ENT novel: Daedalus)

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