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Samurai Sūrū Yoshitaro (right).

The Sulu family was a Human family originating in Japan on Earth. This family was known for centuries of dedicated service to Starfleet, with many notable officers, including Captain Hikaru Sulu of the USS Excelsior, Demora Sulu of the USS Enterprise-B, and Akira Sulu of Earth Spacedock. (STO - Agents of Yesterday short story: "Steel and Karma")

Sulu Family Genealogy: List[]

Hikaru Sulu.

Mirror Universe Family Members[]

Kelvin timeline Family Members[]

  • Hikaru Sulu, alternate reality counterpart of Hikaru Sulu.
  • Ben Sulu, husband of Hikaru.
  • Aiko Sulu, sister of Hikaru.
  • Yuki Sulu, sister of Hikaru.

Sulu Family Genealogy: Family Tree[]

Hikaru's father
Hikaru's mother
A son
Akira's mother
Hikaru Sulu
Akira Sulu
Akira's wife
A son
Kikani's mother
Tetsuo Inomata (lineage unknown)
Kikani Sulu
Hosato's mother
Shimizu Hana
Hosato Sulu
Kamehameha Fujiwara Sulu
Liliuokalani Dani Sulu
Hikaru Kato Sulu
Susan Ling
Hiromi's father
Demora Sulu
Hiromi Sulu
Akira's mother
Akira Sulu

Sulu Family Genealogy: Gallery[]