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Summon the Thunder is the second Star Trek: Vanguard novel and was written by Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore. Summon the Thunder was published by Pocket Books in 2006.

Publisher's description

From the back cover

The Taurus Reach: a remote interstellar expanse that holds a very old and potentially cataclysmic secret, the truth of which is feared by the Tholians, coveted by the Klingons, and dubiously guarded by the Federation. At the center of this intrigue is Vanguard, a Federation starbase populated by an eclectic mix of Starfleet officers and civilians, whose lives are forever altered as they explore the layers of mystery surrounding the Reach and steadily peel them after another.

In the aftermath of Harbinger, Commodore Diego Reyes commands Vanguard while waging an intensely personal struggle, tasked to uncover the true significance of the Taurus Reach while simultaneously concealing that mission from his fellow officers -- and even his closest friends. As the Daedalus-class USS Lovell brings some of Starfleet's keenest technical minds to help, the USS Endeavour makes a find that could shed further light on the enigmatic meta-genome that has captured the Federation's interest -- if its crew survives the discovery....

Deep within the Taurus Reach, an ancient and powerful alien mind has awakened prematurely from aeons of hibernation, alerted to the upstart civilizations now daring to encroach upon the worlds in her care. With the stakes for all sides escalating rapidly, the alien lashes out with deadly force against the interlopers, propelling the Vanguard crew on a desperate race to understand the nature of the attacker, and to prevent the Taurus Reach from becoming a war zone.


In the Taurus Reach, a lone Romulan bird of prey is investigating why the Tholians, Klingons, and UFP are suddenly interested in the region while trying to avoid detection. Meanwhile Quinn and Pennington are sent by T'Prynn to retrieve data from a Klingon sentry probe while on a delivery run.

The USS Endeavour is investigating traces of the meta-genome and ancient technology at planet Erilon. When Ming Xiong fails to report to a staff meeting, Captain Zhao Sheng beams down to check in on the landing party, leaving first officer Atish Khatami in charge. Soon afterwards, the landing party is attacked by a large featureless humanoid creature that appears to be made of obsidian crystal and the ship comes under attack from subterranean weaponry which is too powerful for its shields. Many in the landing party are killed, Xiong is rescued, and the captain is presumed dead when Khatami retreats from orbit and returns to Vanguard overwhelmed by a sense of failure. Unknown to the crew, the attacker and planetary defenses are controlled by a non-physical being, a female Shedai (creators of the Taurus Reach meta-genome and the ancient technology) named the Wanderer. The Wanderer was awakened prematurely from a centuries long slumber by the Endeavor's landing party.

A temporary replacement for the destroyed USS Bombay arrives, the aged Daedalus class USS Lovell crewed by the S.C.E. and captained by Daniel Okagawa.

The Romulans follow the Klingons to the Palgrenax system where the Klingons have annexed a world and enslaved the planetary pre-warp civilization while investigating Shedai technology they have discovered. The Wanderer transfers to the planet through ancient pathways called Conduits and begins attacking the Klingons in the same fashion as she attacked the Endeavor before. Her “monster” and planetary defenses get the upper hand at first but soon begin losing as Klingon warriors fight valiantly against the crystalline creature and a battle cruiser in orbit begins destroying the planetary defenses. The Wanderer then activates a fail-safe device and abandons the planet. Palgrenax explodes, destroying the Klingon ship in orbit and critically disabling the Romulan vessel. The Romulan commander later self-destructs the ship.

Performing post-mortem on an Endeavor crewman killed while beaming up from Erilon, Doctors Ezekiel Fisher and Jabilo M'Benga discover a crystalline structure around a stab wound that turns out to be made of the meta-genome and very similar to Tholian technology.

Reyes has Khatami promoted to captain. The Endeavor and Lovell are then sent to Erilon to continue their research. Soon, the Wanderer unleashes the same attacks as before. The crews are able to defeat the defenses and crystalline attacker this time then prevent the planet from exploding. The crystalline corpse is then delivered to Vanguard for study.

Reyes chooses to inform Doctor Fisher and JAG officer/girlfriend Rana Desai about the true mission of Vanguard. T'Prynn uses the data recovered by Quinn and Pennington to discover that the unexplored Jinoteur system is the source of a carrier wave that reacts with the ancient technology and the meta-genome.

Anna Sandesjo has been turned into a double-agent by T'Prynn. Sandesjo loves T'Prynn but wonders if the feelings are mutual or if she is being used. Reyes and Pennington come to mutually respect one another.



Vanguard personnel and residents

BeyerJon CooperRana DesaiIsaiah FarberEzekiel FisherVarech jav GekJetanienAkeylah KaruméKulorLugok, son of BregJabilo M'BengaDietrich MeyerHolly MoyerTim PenningtonDiego ReyesAnna Sandesjo (Lurqal) • SesreneSovikT'PrynnTuragUnnamed Vanguard personnelMing Xiong
Referenced only
Donovan ColligHaniff JacksonAole MillerRidley

USS Endeavour personnel

BohanonBradColleen CookHector EstradaBruce GriffinHalseAtish KhatamiStephen KlisiewiczJeanne La SalaKaren LaMartinaAnthony LeoneMarielise McCormackBersh glov MogMullerNaulsNeelakantaRoderickMichael SchusterSikalSpencerunnamed USS Endeavour (NCC-1895) personnelZhao Sheng
Referenced only
sh'DastisarNelsonPaul Nortonth'ShendilethKatherine StanoT'Pes

USS Lovell personnel

Mahmud al-KhaledJessica DiamondGhrexBrian O'HalloranDaniel OkagawaAraev zh'RhunSulok

Aen'q Tholis personnel


ChR Bloodied Talon personnel

Referenced only

IKS Zin'za personnel


Palgrenax Occupying personnel

Referenced only

Romulan Senate

Referenced only

Omari-Ekon personnel

GanzMorikmolZett Nilric


Sakud ArmnojBroonEskreneFalstreneCervantes QuinnShedai WandererSniffy
Referenced only
Lora BrummerCateraOriana D'AmatoDivadFek'lhrHallie GannonMike IlucciKahless the UnforgettableKeraKenji KhatamiAdelard NassirPhindaMark PiperTerence SadlerStenSturkaSurak

Starships and vehicles

Aen'q TholisChR Bloodied TalonUSS EndeavourUSS LovellOmari-EkonRigelian merchant freighterRocinanteIKS Zin'za
Referenced only
USS BombayUSS ConstellationD5-classUSS DauntlessUSS EnterpriseUSS SagittariusTholian patrol ship


Alpha QuadrantBeta QuadrantEremarErilon (Erilon base) • Gonmog sectorPalgrenax systemPalgrenax (Grap'hwu province) • Ravanar IVRomulus (DarthaSenate Chamber) • Taurus ReachTholiaVanguard (Fontana MeadowStar's LandingTom Walker's) • Yerad III
Referenced only
Boam IIDenevaDonatu VDoralaEarthEarth Outpost StationFederation-Klingon borderGre'thorIngraham BJinoteurJinoteur IVKessik IVKorinarNew BangkokQo'noSRavanar IVRelay stationRisaRomulan Neutral ZoneSto-Vo-KorWrigley's Pleasure PlanetZenstala II

Races and cultures

AndorianArcturianChelonDenobulanHumanKlingon (QuchHa') • NaloriOrionPalgrenaiRigelianRomulanShedaiShedai SentinelTarmeliteTellariteTholianVulcanZakdorn

States and organizations

Federation Diplomatic CorpsImperial Fleet CommandJudge Advocate GeneralKlingon EmpireLeadership ConclavePolitical CastemootRomulan SenateRomulan Star EmpireRuling ConclaveStarfleetStarfleet Corps of EngineersTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Federation CouncilFederation News ServiceKlingon High CouncilStarfleet IntelligenceStarfleet Medical

Science and Technology

adrenalineairlockanalgesicartificial gravityanti-tampering systemantigravity maneuvering unitantimatterantiproton beam all-terrain vehicleautocontamination proceduresautopilotbackflowbiobedbiologycatapultchronometercloningcommunicatorcommunicationscomputercrystallographydampening fielddata coredata slatedisruptordisruptor cannonduraniumdynamic mode converterdynoscannerelectromagnetenvironmental suitenvironmental-controleugenicsFeinberger receiverflashlightfood slotforcefieldgrafting lasergrappling hookhyposprayinertial dampenerion stormintercoolerlaser scalpellaser torchlife-supportlyotropic nanostructuremaneuvering thrustermatterMolecular physicsmolecular scanoptical cablepattern bufferphaserphoton torpedopolycrystallinepower generatorpower-distribution couplingpower-distribution nodeprostheticprotoplaserrodiniumsensorsensor dronesensor screenShedai carrier waveShedai conduitshieldshield generatorsonic screwdriverspannerstar chartstasis fieldstellar cartographystun pistolTaurus meta-genomeTheoretical chemistrythermoconcretetractor beamtransparent aluminumtransportertricorderturboliftuniversal translatorwarp drivewarp nacellexenobiology

Ranks and Titles

accountantambassadorarchaeology and anthropology officerarchaeologistassassinattachébekkcaddycaptaincenturionChancellor of the Klingon High Councilchief engineerchief medical officercolonial administration liaisoncommandercommodorecommunications officerDahar Masterensignfirst officergeneticistgeologistgovernorhelmsmanintelligence officerjournalistlieutenantlieutenant commandermaster chief petty officermerchant princenavigatornursePraetor of the Romulan Star Empireproconsulscience officersenatorsociologistsubcommandervice-governorvice-proconsulxenobiologistxenogeneticistyeoman

Other references

AdeptsAldebaran whiskeyapplebat'lethBattle of Donatu VBattle of Ravanar IVbloodwinebojnoggibolmaqbriefcasechickencoffeecorned-beef hashd'k tahgDenebian slime devildierhadiplomatic pouchEarth-Romulan WarEugenics Warsewaflyglob flyglengetGrenthemen water hoppergymnasticsha'DIbahhammockHeghtayHippocratic OathhoneyhorseradishJavathian oyster brothjeghpu'wI'kal-if-feekatrakilaanKobayashi Maru ScenarioKolinahrKtarian eggsLatticeloD-machmat'drihmek'lethnaghsnutsorange juiceparkapetaQ'puPlak towplomeek souppokerqelI'qamracquetballrakatajinoration packRigelian tobaccoroast beefRomulan aleroulettesaladsatchelshovelshowerslijmSpecial Occupation Order TwoSubLinksweet rollsswimmingtaHqeqtargteaTelinaruultoDSoHtojo'Qatu'HomIraHvegetable soupvinegarWaste reclamationwater


Background information

  • The German translation of the novel was released by Cross Cult in 2008. It was translated by Claudia Kern.
  • In the novel's inner title page, the 5th city listed under Pocket Books is Erilon, the planet the away team visits during the book.

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