Sun Bay Beach was a beach on the shores of the island of Vieques on Earth.

Sonya Gomez and her sister Belinda grew up near Sun Bay Beach. One day when Sonya was five, she and Belinda were in a rowboat off of the beach and, in a fit of anger, Belinda pushed Sonya out of the boat into the water, even though the younger girl did not know how to swim. Belinda eventually dived in and helped her back out of the water, and Sonya, unaware at the time that she had been pushed, believed her sister had saved her after she had accidentally fallen overboard. Belinda's subsequent treatment as a hero caused Sonya to resent her, and the frequent question, "Why can't you be more like your sister?" (SCE eBooks: Many Splendors, Remembrance of Things Past, Book I, Remembrance of Things Past, Book II)

The sisters visited Sun Bay Beach again during Sonya's visit home, following the near-destruction the USS da Vinci in 2376. (SCE eBook: Breakdowns)

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