The term super-heavy cruiser was applied in the late 23rd century to a class of Romulan warbirds that were larger and featured greater firepower than heavy cruisers such as the earlier Vas Hatham-class.

During the Battle of Artaleirh in 2276, ChR Esemar and Gauntlet were identified as being of this type. The Free Rihannsu rebels led by USS Enterprise and ChR Bloodwing (respectively Constitution- and Vas Hatham-class heavy cruisers) defeated them by trickery in the Artaleirh system's asteroid belt: Esemar was destroyed by Enterprise's detonation of a dilithium ore-rich patch of asteroids, while Bloodwing disabled Gauntlet by tractoring an asteroid into one of its warp nacelles. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: The Empty Chair)

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