A supernova is a type of nova, a large explosion of a star that sometimes occurs when a star reaches the end of its life cycle, and collapses under its own gravity. Supernovae, in particular, occur when the large masses of supergiant stars reach critical levels. (CCG: Premiere)

During a supernova, an explosion that ejects large amounts of gas and solid matter with a considerable amount of energy occurs, sometimes leaving a remnant of a neutron star or black hole within a nebula of ejected stellar mass. Supernovae are also known to generate cosmic storms. (TOS comic: "UK comic strips, first story arc")

Notable supernovae

Unnamed supernovae

In a distant corner of the galaxy, an unnamed supergiant star went supernova around the year 2230, leaving a neutron star remnant. At roughly the same time, Spock was born many light years distant, on the planet Vulcan. (TOS novelization: Star Trek)

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