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Supernova is a Star Trek: Prodigy book, a young reader novel in a new series from Simon Spotlight (Simon & Schuster), a novelization tie-in to the Prodigy video game, Supernova. Written by Robb Pearlman, this book was released on 17 January 2023.



Prodigy video game, Supernova.

In this middle grade adventure based on the Star Trek: Prodigy video game, Dal and Gwyn must rescue their missing crewmates.
When the Protostar crash-lands in a peculiar star system, the crew ends up separated and Dal and Gwyn must work together to find their missing crewmates. They don't have much time, though: the nearby star is destabilized and in danger of creating a supernova. Then Dal and Gwyn discover evil droids patrolling the area, and they look just like the Watchers back in Tars Lamora. How will Dal and Gwyn confront this nightmare from their past… and prevent an explosion in their near future?



GwynDrednokKathryn Janeway (hologram)Lorn'essMurfJankom PogDal R'ElRok-TahkYarm'ornZeroWatcher (robot)
Referenced only
The DivinerNandi

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Protostar


Referenced only
Murder PlanetOdaruSaturnTars Lamora

Races and cultures[]

AugmentBrikarianHologramMedusanMellanoid slime wormNaroanTellariteVau N'Akat
Referenced only

States and organizations[]


Science and classification[]


Other references[]

All-Day BreakfastchimeriumDyson spheregaghphase coiluniversal translator




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German : Supernova, translated by Helga Parmiter. (Cross Cult)

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