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Introduction (blurb)

You are alone in the dark reaches of space, surrounded by aliens who do not understand who you are and what you are, and who will not accept your beliefs. Under such circumstances, an emotional human would feel lost, cut off, adrift, but Sub-Commander T'Pol is a Vulcan, and Vulcans control their emotions. However, no other Vulcan has served for longer than a few weeks on a human ship. Has she, as others imply, lost her way?

Pulled, once again, into one of Captain Archer's dangerously impulsive attempts to make first contact, the Sub-Commander finds her life threatened. T'Pol reacts, draws her phase pistol and kills. It was a simple act of self-defense. But is killing ever simple? Has she forsaken the teachings of Surak?

Determined to be true to her heritage, T'Pol forswears violence. She tells Captain Archer that never again will she kill -- even if ordered. Is she, as Archer suggests, endangering the entire ship?


Captain's Starlog, Supplemental. While mapping an area of uncharted space, we have encountered a populated planet -- which is sending out a beacon that our Universal Translator has garbled. Communications Officer Ensign Hoshi Sato is currently trying to decipher what she can.

On the anniversary of Henry Archer's death, Sato picks up a distress call from the planet Oan. Jonathan Archer, T'Pol, Sato, Doctor Phlox and Malcolm Reed descend to one of the planet's islands in a shuttlepod, only to discover very few inhabitants still alive. In a medical facility they find a dead Oan physician slumped over the body of an Oan woman who is barely alive; the male physician's face is contorted with outrage. Leaving Phlox with the female Oan, the others search for the only other survivor on the island, who attacks Sato. T'Pol fires her phase pistol, set on stun, at the Oan, who is killed by the stun blast due to his weakened state.

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Enterprise personnel

Ahmed al SaedJonathan ArcherKaterina BorovskyElizabeth CutlerTravis MayweatherMeirPhloxPorthosMalcolm ReedHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker III

Other characters

Referenced only
Henry ArcherZefram CochraneMahatma GandhiJossenMenosMadeline ReedMary ReedStuart ReedShikedan travelerSklarSovalSurakT'LesT'Pol's father

Starships and vehicles

Enterprise (NX-class) • Shuttlepod 1 (OTV type K42)
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Shipboard locations
bridgedecontamination chamberengineeringlaunch baysickbay


Kappa Xi (Oan)
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AgaronEarth (ArgentinaCaymanEuropeFlorida KeysGreat BritainIndiaKauaiKnightsbridge) • P'JemRisaShikedaVulcan

Races and cultures

DenobulanHuman (BritishEnglishRussianTerran) • OaniVulcan
Referenced only
Human (Indian) • Shikedan

States and organizations

United Earth Starfleet
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Starfleet CommandStarfleet Intelligence

Ranks and titles

captainchief engineerchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommunications officercounselorcrewmandoctorensignexolinguistlieutenantlinguistmedicphilosopherphysicistprincesspsychotherapistscientistsmugglersubcommanderVulcan Ambassador to United Earthwarlord

Science and technology

adrenalineamoebaarrhythmic pulseatmosphere (stratosphere) • Black Plaguecarbon-basedcarotid arteryCelsiuschronometercloningconcussiondatabaseelectrical systemelectricityelectrolyteelectromagnetic chargeelectromagnetic fieldelectromagnetic pulseenvironmental suitgeneratorhand scannerheartheartbeathumanoidhypospraylife supportmedical scannermetabolic ratemicrobemicroscannerMinshara classmorphologynutrient bedoxygenparasitephase pistolphase riflephysiologypulseradiationsensorsolar plexussolar windfood synthesizerteethtelepathytongueuniversal translatorvideoviewscreenzoology

Other references

209820th century21st centuryahimsaBapubatBeaglebirdbourbonCaptain's starlog, Enterprise (NX-01)carrion birdcelerych'kariyachickenchilicitruscondocrabdesertdiamonddistress calldogemotionevergreenfairy taleflowerFullaragenocidegingremlinhibernationHinduismhot pepper sauceiced teaimperialisminsectjunglekal'taKolinahrlampliquor cabinetmanateemeditationmedkitneedle-nose pliersnewsreelmother-of-pearlnautilusonionpeacephonemepokerprotestSanskritsardinesatyagrahascuba divingshaleshore leaveStarfleet uniform (Earth)stir-fried tofutidal wavetreetroughutility knifewaterWorld War III


Related media

  • The Seventh (ENT episode) - T'Pol's pursuit of Jossen and Menos is explained in more detail.
  • Shuttlepod One (ENT episode) - This episode is the first time Malcolm Reed writes his will. It's his and Charles "Trip" Tucker's experience during this episode that convinces Malcolm to leave everything to Trip in the event of his death.


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