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In the mirror universe, Surak was a Vulcan philosopher and pacifist who lived during the 3rd and 4th centuries.

Surak helped end the destructive wars on Vulcan and taught his followers to learn to embrace logic and control their emotions. This era became known as the Time of Awakening and saw Vulcans transform from violent savages and transcend into logical, ordered beings. Surak became the revered father of Vulcan logic. However, after the Vulcans were conquered and enslaved by the Terran Empire in the late 21st century, spreading his teachings was strictly forbidden, although it still occurred in secret.

In the 2150s decade, T'Les, a member of the rebellion against the Empire, was an outspoken proponent of Surak's pacifistic teachings and thereby disproved of the violent methods that the rebellion utilised in its conflict with the Empire. As a result of this stance, the rebellion's leader T'Pau ordered her death. When T'Les' daughter T'Pol learned of this in September 2155, she killed T'Pau in the caverns underneath Aldus Prime, switched her allegiance to the Terran Empire and was soon appointed Supreme Regent of Vulcan by Empress Hoshi Sato I. (ENT - Mirror Universe novel: Age of the Empress)

All indications are that the mirror Surak's life history is identical to that of his primary universe counterpart.
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