Surakians were one of the many offshoots of Vulcan empiricisms. They believed in the attaintment of the Kolinahr discipline through the strictest interpretation of Surak's teachings. It was considered one of the many schools of logic.

Typical characteristics that define a Surakian include the individual shaving their head and their disdain for ornamentation of any kind. They also renounced personal possessions and lived in a fully communal existence. Their sole goal was the advancement of knowledge above all else. It was also known that they did not repeat or expect repetition of information as they saw such behavior as being illogical. Surakians also possessed a near total control of their autonomic systems which rivalled that of the greatest Kolinahr masters.

Furthermore, no Surakian had joined Starfleet and none believed in Ambassador Spock's goal of Unification. This was because they believed the Romulans to be an affront to the Vulcan psyche and until these "renegades" had been returned to the fold, the grave insult their ancestors made against Surak would remain as an unhealed wound to them.

Its been noted that many of Vulcan's greatest scientists and philosophers were Surakians or had been shaped by this school of thought. T'Vrel was a Surakian. (TOS novel: Captain's Blood)

Its possible that Surakians are a subsect of the believers of Tu-Surak.
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