The Surani was a Vulcan starship, a generational colony ship in service to S'task and his followers since their departure from planet Vulcan after the Sundering. (STO - New Romulus duty officer assignment: "The History of New Romulus")


More than twenty years after the departure from Vulcan, the Surani was one of the Sundered ships arriving at the Minshara-class world Vastam.

During the democratic gathering arranged by the colonial leaders, social cohesion broke down. A man killed the Surani's captain. She was last seen with the Sword of the Raptor Star. When her corpse was recovered after the fighting, the sword was missing. The surviving colonists boarded their ships and departed the Dewa system. (STO - New Romulus duty officer assignment: "The History of New Romulus": Volume 5, Chapters 6, 7)



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