The survival kit was a marvel of engineering, about the size of a footlocker. One pull on the lanyard and it would unfold slowly into a hemisphere five meters in diameter. It had an airlock, insulated floor, twenty inflatable bunks, and windows. Properly anchored, it could withstand a hurricane or a herd of angry elephants. It has been used successfully in deserts, jungles, lunar wastes, even underwater. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)


In 2269, a survival kit was taken aboard a shuttlecraft to the rogue planetoid Anomaly to provide emergency survival on the surface, but surprisingly the device did not unfold when the lanyard was pulled. In fact, its inability to open was a violation of the laws of physics. It was one of many items of Starfleet technology prevented from functioning through psychokinesis by the indigenous Arivne. (TOS novel: Planet of Judgment)


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