Unnatural selection plus Seven of Nine."Survival of the Fittest, Part One" was the 14th issue of the Star Trek: Voyager comic series (Marvel VOY), written by Laurie S. Sutton with art by Terry Pallot and Al Milgrom, published in February 1998 by Marvel Comics.


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Log entriesEdit

  • Captain's log, stardate 51019.3. 
    We've lost Kes. It's still hard to believe after three years with us on Voyager. Looking back at the events that led up to it, though there was a clear enough trail. It began with her experiencing a telepathic "event" on stardate 50796.5[1]
    It was a premonition of things to come. She glimpsed our future, but she had no warning of what was about to happen to her.
    On stardate 50984.3, we encountered Species 8472. They were at war with the Borg, and we were caught right in the middle of it.[2]
    Kes's ability to telepathically communicate with them saved us, but it triggered a catastrophic change in her.
    Kes is gone now, and although no one can replace her, we have a new member of the crew to balance the loss...



Catira/KatirusChakotayThe DoctorKathryn JanewayKesHarry KimTom ParisSeven of NineB'Elanna TorresTuvok
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Mark Johnson

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Voyager (Intrepid-class) • Borg cubesOrsorian shipSpecies 8472 bioship


Delta Quadrantthe galaxy

Races and culturesEdit

BolianBorgHologramHumanKlingonOrsorianSpecies 8472Vulcan

States and organizationsEdit


Ranks and titlesEdit

captainchief engineerchief medical officercommanding officerdoctorensignFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2360s-2370s)first officerflight controllerlieutenantlieutenant commanderlieutenant junior gradeoperations managersecurity chieftactical officer

Other referencesEdit

clothingenergygalaxygovernmenthumanoidlifeformmatternation-statespaceStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2366-2373)technologytimeuniformuniverseweapon


Related stories Edit

  1. See VOY comic: "Cloud Walkers"
  2. See VOY episode: "Scorpion, Part I"


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