Lieutenant Susan Haznedl was a Human Starfleet officer who served aboard the USS da Vinci as the alpha shift operations officer in the late 2370s.

In 2376, Haznedl was serving aboard the USS Burbank but was reassigned to the da Vinci following the loss of half its crew during the Wildfire crisis. Her roommate aboard the da Vinci was Dantas Falcão, a medical technician, who came aboard at the same time. (SCE eBook: Buying Time)

In an alternate universe accessed by an interdimensional Androssi device, Haznedl served as an operations officer aboard the USS Gettysburg under Captain David Gold. In late 2376, she manned the operations station of the Gettysburg battle bridge following saucer separation, during a mission to open the Bajoran wormhole. (SCE eBook: Lost Time)

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