Suspiria Nacene

Suspiria in Caretaker form


Suspiria, a female Caretaker in Human form

Suspiria was the female Nacene entity that remained in the galaxy to assist the Caretaker in looking after the Ocampa people. She was also the Caretaker's mate. In what was the mid 21st century on Earth, Suspiria left the Ocampa system. The Caretaker would claim that she left to find more interesting things to see. (VOY episode: "Caretaker")

She took several hundred Ocampa along with her. They would eventually build a new array to house the Ocampa while she resided in a subspace layer known as Exosia. Over the next 300 years, she helped the Ocampa develop their mental abilities, as well showing them techniques to extend their life spans - instead of living only nine years, some Ocampa in her colony lived as much as 20 years. In 2372, the Federation starship USS Voyager encountered the array after the Caretaker's remains began to vibrate in response to Suspiria being nearby. Suspiria was quite hostile towards Kathryn Janeway and her crew, believing they were responsible for her mate's death. Suspiria came aboard the ship, attacked several members of the crew and threatened to destroy the ship. Janeway attempted to explain that the Caretaker died of natural causes, but Suspiria was not convinced, and continued her attack. Kes then attacked the Ocampa leader Tanis, with her own mental abilities, and Suspiria felt the pain Tanis experienced because they were mentally link. As a result Suspiria was incapacitated. Janeway then fired a toxin into her body that subdued her. When Janeway showed her mercy Suspiria ceased her attack. She left for Exosia, taking Tanis with her. Janeway hoped that someday they would encounter Suspiria again to convince her to send Voyager back to Federation space. However, they never encountered Suspiria again. (VOY episode: "Cold Fire")


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