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See also Surak-class, a Federation Starfleet starship class in the 24th century.
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The Suurok-class (alternately rendered as Surok-class) was a type of Confederacy of Vulcan starship, a cruiser in High Command service in the 22nd century. The Suurok vessels were capable of being outfitted as either science vessels or combat cruisers, and served on the side of the Coalition of Planets allies during the Earth-Romulan War.


In the mid-22nd century the Suurok-class was one of the most notably fast and powerful classes in the Vulcan fleet. It could be configured as a science vessel, which could achieve speeds of warp 6.5 or a combat cruiser which could achieve warp 7. In the early 2150s decade the Vulcan High Command considered the technical details of the classes warp drive classified to their Human allies who had only recently achieved warp 5.

The Suurok-class was armed with particle beam weapons and also featured a tractor beam, which was also classified. (ENT episodes: "Breaking the Ice", "Fallen Hero")

The bridge on a Suurok-class was triangular in shape with the widest end containing rear stations and rows of control consoles to either side angling inward until they met at the immense viewscreen at the front. The stations include a defensive station, a primary and secondary science station, a command chair and others. The bridge was accessible by a turbolift. (TNG novel: A Time to Sow)


In the early 2150s a number of Suurok-class vessels had encounters with the Earth starship Enterprise (NX-01). In 2151, the Ni'Var was sent to rendezvous with the Earth ship to collect the Enterprise's Vulcan science officer, T'Pol, for reassignment. Later that year, the Ti'Mur was sent to the Enterprise, again to contact T'Pol, who had not been reassigned, and was eventually able to assist the Earth ship when one of its shuttlepods was in peril on a comet they were studying. (ENT episodes: "Shadows of P'Jem", "Breaking the Ice")

The following year, Enterprise assisted the Vulcan's by collecting their ambassador, V'Lar, from the planet Mazar, the Suurok-class ship Sh'Raan was also sent but was further away and had to come to the aid of Enterprise when Mazarite ships attacked the vessel. (ENT episode: "Fallen Hero")

In 2154, Suurok-class vessels were amongst the ships sent by the Vulcan Council to participate in an alliance to try locate and track Romulan vessels which had been attacking vessels of several species in the region. (ENT episode: "United")

In the 2360s decade, the USS Enterprise-D escorted a Suurok-class starship on a diplomatic mission. (Ships of the Line calendars calendar: Ships of the Line 2018)

Mirror universe

Suurok-class vessels were also built in the mirror universe, there they were largely used by rebels against the Terran Empire. (ENT - Glass Empires novel: Age of the Empress)

Known vessels

(Surak) Suurok-class combat cruiser/science vessel starships
Confederacy of Vulcan, Vulcan High Command
(primary universe)
Ni'VarSeleyaTi'MurSh'Raan-class: Sh'RaanDDV T'JalDDV Tothunnamed Vulcan IDIC emblem.
Terran Empire, Vulcan
(mirror universe)
Ni'VarTi'Murunnamed Terran Empire emblem. Vulcan IDIC emblem.
Romulan Star Empire, Ejhoi Ormiin Sh'Raan-class: DDV T'JalDDV Toth Romulan emblem.
Borg Collective Seleya Borg emblem.


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The Suurok-class is commonly misidentified as Surak-class however pronunciation, script details and close captions for the episodes confirm the designation Suurok. The design of the class was also slightly altered between it's first and later appearances leading some to conclude the different appearances represented different designs. However the changes in the design were reasonably minor and, as Robert Bonchune of the effects team has confirmed they are intended to be the same class. [1]


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