Suwarin was a male Watraii who lived in the mid 24th century.


In the year 2377, he led his people in an assault against the "murderer" race known as the Romulans. This led to an attack against the Romulan Star Empire colony world of Nemor and the extermination of its inhabitants. His forces were later responsible for the capture of an artifact which they held as being their sacred relic along with the fact that Romulus as well as Remus were their worlds. Taking the artifact back to his harsh homeworld, the Watraii planet was infiltrated by Vulcan Ambassador Spock who attempted to negotiate a peace. His conversation with Suwarin led to the Watraii leader to learn of the United Federation of Planets which led to a change in their strategy as they made a diplomatic protest when the USS Alliance had retaken the artifact.

Suwarin later met Spock again whilst onboard a captured Romulan warbird when the Watraii had captured Praetor Neral. During this round of talks, Suwarin revealed his true name to Spock as well as his face. Though reluctant, he agreed to meet with Spock and other representatives in order to bring about a lasting peace. (TOS - Vulcan's Soul novels: Exodus, Exiles, Epiphany)

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