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Suzanne A. Forrestor was a 23rd century Human woman, born around reference stardate 1/65, in the late 2220s. Forrestor was a career Starfleet officer in the Military Operations Command, and by the 2280s she had risen to the rank of captain, in command of the Federation starship USS Pollux.

Forrestor's vessel was ordered, on stardate 2/21, to accompany a small fleet of vessels to intercept the USS Cooper at the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone border, at the order of Commodore Jarv Gouthar of Starbase 14.

Forrestor's career as a command officer gave her skills at administration, leadership and diplomacy. Forrestor was also knowledgeable at strategy, tactics and negotiation. (FASA RPG module: Return to Axanar)

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