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Swarm drone

Trio of swarm drones board the USS Enterprise

Swarm drones were originally a drone workforce left behind on Altamid by the original inhabitants prior to the 22nd century. They were then re-purposed by Krall by the 2260s.


Following the crash of the USS Franklin on Altamid in the 2160s, Captain Balthazar Edison and his surviving crew discovered the abandoned workforce, along with sophisticated mining equipment and life prolonging technology. As Edison became Krall, he re-purposed the workforce to serve as his personal military. Using their ships, the drones would capture alien vessels and bring the surviving crews to Krall's base on Altamid .(TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Kelvin timeline Edit

Following the capture of Jaylah, Keelah, and their father, Jaylah and her father made their way past the drones. Jaylah's father was then able to destroy one with his hands. However, Manas and several of the drones were able to track him down, kill him, but lost track of Jaylah. By 2263 of the Kelvin timeline, Krall and Manas then attacked and boarded the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk with the drones. The drones killed a great number of the crew. Following the destruction of the Enterprise, the drones then captured the surviving crew and took them to Krall's base. Several drones then went to assist Kalara in retrieving the Abronath, to no avail. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 5"; TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Krall then took all the drones to Yorktown, where he hoped to kill everyone there. However, all the drones and their ships were destroyed when Kirk, using the USS Franklin, created a radio signal to disrupt their communication signals and destroy them all. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Technical dataEdit

The drones resembled insect like humanoids. In addition, each drone had arm-mounted particle weapons and had heavy armor. They were also capable of piloting ships in complicated formations. Their formations and attack maneuvers were well executed in their attack on the Enterprise.

Their only flaw was that they were unable to work alone. They relied heavily on networked cyberpathic communication that was similar to bees. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)


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