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Swarm ships were small, 2-person crafts left behind on Altamid prior to the 2160s by the planet's original inhabitants.


After the USS Franklin's crash landing on Altamid, Captain Balthazar Edison and his surviving crew discovered the ships.

Kelvin timeline[]

As Edison became Krall, the ships waylaid many alien ships, such as the one flown by Jaylah, her sister Keelah and her father. Jaylah describe them as being similar to bees. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 5")

In 2263 of the Kelvin timeline, Krall used the swarm ships to attack and destroy the USS Enterprise. The ships were also able to jam the Enterprise's communications. Together, the ships were able to sever the Enterprise's warp nacelles and saucer section. During the attack, Commander Spock and Dr. Leonard McCoy were able to board and highjack one. However, they crashed on Altamid.

Several of these ship patrolled the planet. Two of these ships were able to find Spock and McCoy before they were beamed to the USS Franklin. Krall then used them in his attack on Yorktown Station. During the attack, Spock and McCoy were beamed aboard another ship. Spock then analyzed the signal. Using the Franklin's antiquated technology, Kirk and his crew were then able identify the swarm ships' signals closed networked cyberpathic communications that allowed them to coordinate their attack maneuvers. They sent out a radio signal in the form of "classical" music by the Beastie Boys. As the Franklin flew very near to Krall's ships, their signal caused a chain reaction that destroyed the swarm.

Krall and two of his remaining ships flew into Yorktown. Spock and McCoy assisted James Kirk in defeating Krall within Yorktown by forcing Krall to crash into the Franklin. They then used the ship to rescue Kirk before Krall and the Abornath were ejected into space. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

Technical data[]

The swarm ships were capable of spacial, atmospheric flight, and had warp drive. The ships required 2 pilots and were docked in tree-like towers at Krall's base. The ships were accessible through a circular hatch.

Despite the lack of weaponry, the swarm ships were strong enough to ram into ships to inflict heavy damage. Despite being vulnerable to phaser, the swarm ships were able to push their attacks with their great numbers. They were also nimble enough to avoid being hit by both photon and advanced long-range torpedoes. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)


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