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Sword of Damocles was the fourth novel in the Star Trek: Titan series, published in November 2007.


Fate: It is an idea as old as life itself. Do our choices shape the future, or is it the other way around? And if the path we walk is predestined—if the way we are to meet our end is knowable—what might that knowledge compel us to do?
Titan's travels take it to a world at the edge of reason. Orisha is a planet whose people have lived for centuries beneath an unfathomable celestial body in their sky. From the moment it first appeared, the object was thought to be something unnatural, an ill omen that has made them feel watched, exposed, vulnerable—provoking a primal fear that has steered the course of their civilization. The Orishans call it the Eye of Erykon, and because it has consistently defied every scientific attempt to decode its true nature, many are convinced it represents an intelligence that is studying their world… and perhaps waiting to destroy it.
But the secret behind the Eye threatens Titan as well as Orisha… and it holds a special meaning for one member of Captain Riker's crew in particular, whose lifelong quest to balance faith and scientific truth is tested against the harsh, unblinking glare of inevitability.



A'churak'zenaMershikA'yujae'TakBeriasBohnOlivia BolajiBralikTorvig Bu-Kar-NguvSe'al Cethente QasCh'ika'tikChordysZurin DakalFeren DenkenEveshPeya FellBellatora FortisPral glasch HaajHrissHsuuriJaza ChakrysJaza NajemKakkakitKanenyaK'chak'!'opRanul KeruKesiKeyexisiKk'tikAili LavenaMatisMecatusAlyssa OgawaPrin OorteshkMelora PazlarKlace PolanXin Ra-HavreiiBowan RadowskiShenti Yisec Eres ReeWilliam T. RikerRoaknKoasa RossiniPaolo RossiniHuilan Sen’karaLoolooa TareshiniTik'ikTk'ok'iikDeanna TroiTuvokUrgarChristine ValeVorisY'lira Modan
Referenced only
Robert AprilPava Ek'Noor sh'AqabaaBaarsB'LiitMackenzie CalhounDejitDonal LeezDrakmondoErish EloErykonFaustForkisAtheus FortisCerisan FortisJohn GillJoshua GrantMark JamesonGerren KinJames T. KirkMakkusLeonard McCoyObarJean-Luc PicardChristopher PikeQRudolph RansomRriarrBenjamin SiskoStangSumariWinim TeekatTourangeauRonald TraceyLwaxana Troi

Starships and vehicles

USS al-ArifUSS CharonUSS Enterprise-EUSS Luna (Luna-class) • Shuttlecraft Ellington (shuttlecraft) • Shuttlecraft Marsalis (shuttlecraft) • USS SparrowhawkUSS Titan (Luna-class)


Alpha QuadrantBajorBerengia VIIBeta QuadrantCaitCardassiaCelestial TempleChin'tokaEfros DeltaElysia Incendae systemFerenginarGum NebulaHarka valleyIlviaIzarLejonisLigon IIMarsMemory AlphaNew RiyadhOccultus OraOrishaQ ContinuumRisaSeleneShattered PlaceStarfleet HeadquartersTerok NorUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards

Races and cultures

AndorianAntaranArgelianBajoranBenziteBetazoidBolianBorgBreenBrikarCaitianCardassianCatullanChoblikDeltanEfrosianEl-AurianElaysianFerengiHuman (IzarianJapanese) • KlingonLactranLigonianNasatOrionOrishanPahkwa-thanhProphetsRomulanSeleneanS'ti'achSyrathTellariteTholianThymeraeTrillVulcanXindi-Insectoid

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaChildren of ErykonDreaming casteGuardian casteIzar Peace OfficeSkunkworksStarfleetStarfleet AcademyWeaver caste

Science and classification

dark matterdeuteriumexotic matter plasmidEye of Erykonlightneutron starOrbOrkett's diseasesensorspacespiretachyonTelemetric Observation VISORVeil

Ranks and titles

captainensignglinngulOraclePod Mothervedek

Other references

Andorian aleArgelian meadAscension of MakkusbatosBolian lagerborhyaBoryon rangeCatalysts of creationcheras rootDominion Wardzura boneErykon's MirrorErykon's TearFerengi Rules of AcquisitionFlames of DarknessFormica mactabilisGerren Kin's First Law of Motionhukka vineIDICImzadikynsleveLigonian battle formsLuna 80102, Second Model in D-MinormintmythObar's Rules of GravimetricsOrishan languageostrichpaghPicard ManeuverplanetprethRisan shimmer inkSecond Battle of Chin'tokasehlatshetrshtelSong of the ProphetsSpines of the Motherthera boneTholian Axiom, First Iterationtk'sittk'soltribbleVolition





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