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The Sword of the Raptor Star in 2409.

The Sword of the Raptor Star was a revered artifact within the Romulan Star Empire. This ancient sword was reported to have been one of the three[1] crafted by the legendary swordsmith S'harien[2] and taken by S'task during the exile after the events of the Sundering.[3] (STO - New Romulus missions: "Staging Area", "Latest Findings")


In the time preceding the Sundering, the 4th century, S'harien was a skilled smith and lived on the edge of the Vulcan's Forge desert. There, S'harien forged the greatest swords on Vulcan. Originally a die-hard reactionary, his conversion to Surak's philosophy of chtia ("reality-truth", logic), he became a pacifist and began destroying his swords. Admiring the craftsmanship, Surak convinced S'harien to spare three swords.

When S'task prepared to leave Vulcan with "those who march beneath the raptor's wing", Surak beseeched his former disciple in Old High Vulcan to keep the three swords. Besides his wife, daughter, and their clothes, S'task only brought the three swords along for the Journey. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: The Romulan Way)

Years into the Journey, the fleet stopped at Dewa III, an irradiated but habitable planet. The weary travellers dubbed the planet "Vastam" and established a colony. (STO - New Romulus duty officer assignment: "The History of New Romulus": Volume 6, Chapter 5)

The captain of the colony ship Surani held the Sword of the Raptor Star. Following a brief but bloody conflict among the colonists, her corpse was found but S'harien's sword was missing. The proto-Romulans departed Vastam. (STO - New Romulus duty officer assignment: "The History of New Romulus": Volume 6, Chapter 7)

In 2386, Admiral Taris informed Donatra that she was heading to Levaeri V to investigate claims that the Sword of the Raptor Star was present on that world. (STO website: The Path to 2409)

During the search for a capital planet to base the Romulan Republic on for political legitimacy, a Romulan Republican Force away team discovered an ancient sword in an old geode on Dewa III. Commander Temer cautiously presumed it to be the missing Sword of the Raptor Star. With the planet being ideal for colonization, and the potentially Romulan artifact lending legitimacy, the Proconsul of the Romulan Republic, D'Tan, authorised settling "New Romulus". (STO - From the Ashes mission: "The Search for New Romulus")

In 2409, when giving visiting support from Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force a tour of the colony, Foreman Kylor explained that what may be the Sword of the Raptor Star had been found on this world. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Staging Area")

Head Researcher A'dranna t'Kerhav and her team of scientists organized the archaeological research on New Romulus. Through carbon dating and the master craftsmanship, A'dranna identified the artifact as the Sword of the Raptor Star. She included this discovery in her presentation about the archeological findings to Proconsul D'Tan and an Allied officer who had helped secure the colony. (STO - New Romulus mission: "Latest Findings")

It is not revealed what happens next to the sword.




  • The sword seen in STO is similar in design to the Roman w:gladius of ancient Earth, but much larger.
  • No details are given about the Raptor Star itself.

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