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Synth (slang for "synthetic") is a 24th century term that refers to synthetic lifeforms.

History and specifics[]

The rise of organized rogue Synths led up to a devastating attack on Mars in the year 2385. (Short Treks episode: "Children of Mars")

The responsibility for "rogue synths" carrying out the attack was revealed in the text threads on a news viewscreen in the Short Treks episode.

The attack occurred on First Contact Day, 05 April 2385. (PIC episode: "Maps and Legends")

The rogue Synths employed two types of spacecraft, the smaller Synth frigate and the larger, less numerous Synth destroyer. The event was recreated as a combat simulation for Khitomer Alliance forces in 2411. (STO - House Shattered mission: "Synth Wave")

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