Syrenya Development Company was an Orion company of the 23rd century.

The Syrenya Development Company was founded thousands of years ago when the Pergue race employed Orion slaves to terraform the world of Syrenya. Its task was to carry out the terraforming, by importing an ocean's worth of water and ammonia ice from asteroids and ice worlds and bombard it into the planet. Following this, the Orions seeded the pulverized land with moss, microbes and worms to create fertile soil.

The undertaking took a thousand years to complete, but was largely successful, and Syrenya became a Class M world and reached a self-stabilizing phase around 4800 BCE. It never needed adjustments afterwards. This was the oldest completely documented example of terraforming known to 23rd century research.

The Syrenya Development Company remained and the Orion slaves flourished on the world they'd built. By the late 23rd century, the Syrenya Development Company was the main governing body of the Orion Colony of Syrenya, while its shares were controlled by ten powerful Orion families. Together, they ensured a smooth and functioning society. (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

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