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Lieutenant Commander T'Andorla was a female Vulcan who served as chief of security of the USS Incursion.

T'Andorla was a student of ancient Vulcan history, fascinated by the Vulcan of pre-Surakian times and the devolution of the Vulcan and Romulan cultures. In her studies she learned many ancient Vulcan martial arts and meditation practices, which lead her to become a formidable warrior.

Following her graduation from the Vulcan Academy T'Andorla entered the Vulcan Guard, the elite guards of the Vulcan government. In her time as a guard T'Andorla thwarted several Romulan assassination attempts but eventually decided to move on and join Starfleet, eventually becoming security chief on the USS Incursion.

In 2377, following a Romulan attack on the Klingon research base Lak'Tral, T'Andorla was part of an away team to rescue Klingon scientists and aid Klingon warriors in the battle against Romulan personnel still in the base.

Shortly after, T'Andorla was one of the few members of the Incursion's crew who was not infected with the Warden virus and subsequently did not mutiny against Captain Refelian. As such, T'Andorla was part of the group of loyalists who beamed over to a Borg cube holding the Incursion in its tractor beam to set antimatter charges to free the starship. (TNG video game: Away Team)