T'Faral was a Vulcan female who served as an officer of the Vulcan High Command and in the Confederacy of Vulcan's fleet following the downfall of the High Command.

Biography[edit | edit source]

By the late 2150s T'Faral served as the commanding officer of the Maymora-class battleship Karik-tor. Despite V'Las being removed from power T'Faral remained loyal to the former administrator, feeling that he was the best person to help Vulcan meet its destiny as the main power in the Alpha Quadrant.

In 2165, V'Las used a forgery of the Kir'Shara to attempt to convince the Vulcan people that the actual Kir'Shara discovered in 2153 was a fake being used by aliens attempting to take over Vulcan. T'Faral - unaware that V'Las had created the forgery - supported the coup V'Las was plotting to take over Vulcan.

When the headquarters of the former administrator was raided by Starfleet and Vulcan security forces, V'Las beamed aboard the Karik-tor. T'Pol discovered the actual Kir'Shara, along with the Vulcan who created the forgery, who quickly admitted to his crimes in a transmission broadcast to all of Vulcan.

At long last T'Faral finally realized that V'Las had never had Vulcan's best interests at heart and was out to seize power for himself. She attempted to arrest V'Las, but she was quickly cut down by V'Las with a disruptor he had hidden in his robes. The others on the Karik-Tor who might have opposed V'Las at that point were forced to keep their place by others on the crew who were unquestionably loyal to V'Las. V'Las forced the woman seated at the helm to set a course out of Federation space at gunpoint. The Karik-Tor then departed Federation space, with V'Las vowing to return and seize Vulcan for himself. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)

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