Location in the B'Moth sector.

The T'Kanis Nebula was a region of space in the B'Moth sector, located in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. The green nebula lay within the borders of the Klingon Empire. The T'Kanis Nebula contained significant quantities of dust, gas, and energy discharges, which made it extremely difficult to navigate and map. (STO missions: "Rebooting the Borg Presence", "Empire Defense Against Borg Invasion")

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In the year 2409, the Borg Collective returned to local space, and the T'Kanis Nebula was one of the regions they occupied in the Beta Quadrant. The Borg took advantage of the sensor-obscuring qualities of the nebula to avoid detection by the Klingon Defense Force. From that year onwards, Lieutenant Commander Mara was responsible for directing KDF ships to track the Collective in the nebula, and route its forces. (STO missions: "Rebooting the Borg Presence", "Empire Defense Against Borg Invasion")

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