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Lieutenant T'Kel was a female Vulcan serving on the USS Titan as a security officer by 2381.

T'Kel was on duty at the Bridge's security station at one point when the Titan was traveling towards New Erigol. She theorized that the feedback pulse that disabled their power and communications systems was a warning shot not intended to completely disable the vessel. First officer Vale ordered T'Kel to place all security personnel at their stations in case of a hostile reception when they arrived. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

After the Titan escaped New Erigol, they rendezvoused with the USS Enterprise-E and USS Aventine at the Azure Nebula. As the three ships made tactical plans to fight the Borg Collective's invasion, Captain Riker ordered the battles in the core systems placed on the main viewscreen of the Bridge. Fo Hachesa questioned the order, as he had previously disagreed with T'Kel's suggestion to do so. (ST - Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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