T'Lera was a female Vulcan space explorer, the daughter of Savar, born in 1932.

At age eleven, T'Lera accompanied her father on his second observational mission to planet Earth, a journey which, at the time, took ten years either way. From that time, T'Lera decided she could not remain planet-bound for any extended period. After formally joining the Offworld Service and completing a number of additional missions, T'Lera was offered the position of Prefect of the service, succeeding her father. She declined, preferring to continue her exploratory work, and the position instead went to T'Saaf.

In 2026, T'Lera and her consort, Sotir, together had a son, Sorahl. Not long after, T'Lera and Sotir ended their familial relationship.

In 2045, T'Lera undertook a final mission to Earth. Included in her crew were here father, Savar, as historiographer, and her son as navigator. Additionally, her crew included Selik as astrocartographer, Stell as sociologist and engineer, T'Preth as helmsman, and T'Syra as communications officer. Tragically, forty-seven days into the mission, two retro-thrusters failed simultaneously, leading to a crash in the Pacific Ocean. Despite efforts to destroy themselves to avoid detection, the vessel and both T'Lera and Sorahl survived the crash.

They were quickly rescued by two humans, Tatya Bilash and Yoshi Nakamura, keeper of the Agro III agronomy station. Both Vulcans were taken in, given basic aid, and allowed to undergo their healing trances. Both were later seized by the United Earth government, in the person of AeroNav Captain Jason Nyere, under orders to bring them to Byrd Research Complex in Antarctica. There, T'Lera and Sorahl were examined physically and psychologically, and questioned about Vulcan's intentions toward humanity.

Before the United Earth Council could render a decision on the status of these two aliens -- and before T'Lera could commit suicide to avoid this uncertain judgment -- the Vulcans were saved by a temporally-displaced James T. Kirk and crew, who transported T'Lera and Sorahl to Africa's Western Desert, where an outdated DY-100 vessel had been secreted decades earlier. T'Lera and Sorahl left the Sol system on this vessel, and were able to return to Vulcan being towed by a Vulcan robot ship.

Upon return, T'Lera was debriefed by the Offworld Service, where she refused to identify those who helped her and her son during their time on Earth. Her fate following this debriefing is unknown. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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