T'Lirus was a female Vulcan who lived in the 24th century.

Biography[edit | edit source]

By the 2360s decade, she was a Doctor of Archaeology in the United Federation of Planets and travelled to planet Codis Mu VI, to investigate legends about the Integrated Field Derandomizer. Whilst examining the ruins on this world, her sensors detected a Romulan warship approaching it. She therefore contacted the USS Enterprise-D, asking for Starfleet assistance at her dig site.

She later learned of the acquisition of the TAVAD by the Enterprise through Starfleet Command and contacted Captain Jean-Luc Picard, asking him to return with the artifact in order to study it. She determined it was connected to the IFD and was constructed by the ancient Senatorius species which ruled the galaxy thousands of years ago. In order to learn more, she asked Picard if she could study it and make more findings from her research.

Whilst the Enterprise was on a mission, she once again contacted Picard and asked him to return to Codis Mu VI after having learned more about the TAVAD. She determined that it created a subspace conduit to any place in the galaxy. The device was at the time programmed to seek out the IFD, but it could not do so without being replenished by a supply of Pellentium and Ravarium to power it. In order to accomplish this, she beamed the TAVAD back to Enterprise for Picard to gather the necessary ore. (TNG video games: Future's Past, Echoes from the Past)

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