This page details a counterpart of T'Mar in the Kelvin timeline; for the T'Mar in the primary universe see T'Mar.

T'Mar was the Vulcan Commanding Officer of a starbase and the childhood friend of Spock. She was the daughter of Surok and accompanied the USS Enterprise during their investigation of the attack on the New Vulcan colony.

History[edit | edit source]

Following the destruction of Vulcan, T'Mar was assigned to the Helios station to oversee the creation of the Helios Machine to help New Vulcan. Unfortunately, the machine opened a rip in space that created a energy overload on the station. T'Mar and most of her crew then sent a distress call which was answered by the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock. Kirk at first was rather taken with her until she put him off. T'Mar and most of her crew were then taken aboard the Enterprise.

T'Mar then told Kirk and Spock of the station's purpose and that her father Surok ordered her to power it down. She then accompanied the two of them to New Vulcan. There she helped guide the two of them through Surok's lab and past the Gorn. She was subsequently captured by them after her father confessed under torture that she knew more about the Helios device than he did. Kirk and Spock tracked her down to the Gorn ship and rescued her from the Gorn commander. She appeared to have been tortured but was still conscious. (TOS video game: Star Trek)

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