The T'Pari class was a type of surveyor starship created by the Vulcans and commissioned in the year 2250.


They were created to replace the older Voroth class starships used in the 21st century. Being a surveyor, the role of these vessels was exploration and conducting scientific surveys though they were armed with Type-IV phasers. Internally, the ship was noted for being both cramped and spartan for races such as Humans and Tiburonese. Despite this being the case, they were known to have served their Vulcan crews quite well and maximized their efficiency. (Last Unicorn RPG module: Star Trek: The Original Series Core Game Book)

Known vesselsEdit

T'Pari-class surveyor starships
Federation, Vulcan Space Council VSS T'PariVSS Kal'cherothVSS T'neranVSS T'Plana-Hath UFP seal VulcanIDIC


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