For other uses, see T'Plana-Hath.
For the primary universe counterpart, see T'Plana-Hath (ship).

The T'Plana Hath.

In the mirror universe, the T'Plana-Hath was a Vulcan T'Plana-Hath class survey ship in service during the mid 21st century. It was the first Vulcan ship to land of Terran soil. In 2063, it was under the command of Solkar while its crew included T'Shonra and Sevek.

On April 5th of that year, the T'Plana-Hath was passing through the Sol System when it discovered a Terran warp signature. Following procedure, Solkar had the T'Plana-Hath proceed to Earth to investigate the warp signature, and landed at the settlement in Bozeman, Montana from where the Phoenix had been launched. Solkar was the first to exit the T'Plana-Hath and met the creator of the warp ship, Zefram Cochrane.

After Solkar gave the traditional Vulcan salute, Cochrane pulled out a shotgun and killed him. He then rallied the rest of the townspeople to board the vessel, appropriate any item of value and kill the rest of the crew. This action resulted in the early expansion of the Terran Empire, allowing Terrans to drastically increase their technological capability and begin a campaign of warfare and conquest. (ENT episode: "In a Mirror, Darkly")

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