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The T'Pol was a Suliban cell ship that had been captured by the crew of the Enterprise (NX-01) in 2151. The unnamed cell ship was unofficially christened T'Pol, after Enterprise's science officer, following the ship's capture by the Denari in 2152. (ENT episode & novelization: Broken Bow; ENT novel: Daedalus)

The T'Pol was initially captured by Enterprise in April 2151 when the crew needed a stealth vessel to enable an extraction team to get aboard a Suliban helix and rescue the Klingon, Klaang, from the Suliban Cabal. Following the safe completion of the mission, the cell ship remained aboard Enterprise. (ENT episode & novelization: Broken Bow)

Over the following months, Commander Charles Tucker III and his engineering staff took the ship apart and analyzed many of its components, especially its cloaking device, but they made little headway. In 2152, Tucker used the cell ship to mount a rescue mission of Captain Archer and Lieutenant Reed from a pre-warp planet, and had sporadic success with using the ship's cloak. (ENT episode: "The Communicator"; ENT novel: Daedalus)

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