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T'Priell Revealed was a three-issue story of Marvel comics Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series featuring Nog's Omega Squadron classmates. In this three-issue set issues 14-16), Omega Squad learns the truth that the cadet they believed to be the Vulcan T'Priell was in reality a Tal Shiar spy named Selke.



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T'Priell is revealed as a Romulan spy. One by one, the members of Omega Squad are captured, incapacitated, and apparently killed. On DS9, Nog doesn't believe anyone is dead and resolves to find his classmates.


While Nog and Yoshi search for Omega Squad, their friends must contend with raptor rats and other prisoners. They learn how Selke became T'Priell and of the Tal Shiar's plans for her. Managing to escape, Omega Squad discovers that Selke has been experimenting on Edam.

The Fall[]

Selke tries to reconcile the divided half of her mind which holds T'Priell's katra. Omega Squad must fight their way out of captivity. With help from the Romulan Reunification underground, they return to Federation space with Selke/T'Priell, but T'Priell's body remains in stasis on the unnamed planetoid.