T'Shael was a female Vulcan, linguist, and the daughter of Salet and T'Pei. As a child she received training from Master Stimm.

In 2281, T'Shael served as a Warrantor of Peace for Sarek in the place of his only son, Spock. While serving as a Warrantor she befriended Cleante al-Faisal, a Warrantor from Earth. While on an excursion together the pair, along with others, were kidnapped by Romulan agent Delar and then handed over to the Klingons.

While in Klingon custody, T'Shael tried to keep the group strong and together, but everyone except her and al-Faisal died. Once they were the only two remaining, T'Shael negotiated with Kalor, the only remaining jailer, and agreed to participate in his experiments as long as al-Faisal was unharmed. Al-Faisal saw T'Shael's suffering and offered sex to Kalor in exchange for an end to T'Shael's suffering, which he agreed to.

T'Shael soon discovered the agreement and ran away so her friend would not have to fulfill the bargain. Liviana Charvanek, a Romulan commander, soon appeared and killed Kalor. Together she and Cleante rescued T'Shael, who had been trapped by debris during an earthquake. Charvanek left, but James Kirk and Spock soon arrived and took them to the USS Enterprise. T'Shael then accepted al-Faisal's invitation to visit Earth. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

In 2284, she was living on Earth, and regularly visiting Dr. Jabilo M'Benga for monitoring of her blood condition. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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