T'Vet was a female deity known to the Vulcan civilization.

She was considered a goddess, though it was not clear whether she was ever a real person. She was the patron saint of the warrior clans. During the time of Surak, she had already been worshiped for a long time. Many of the attacks done against Surak's community devoted to logic and peace were done so in T'Vet's name. Whilst Surak's philosophy of logic prevailed, an active shrine dedicated to T'Vet still existed within the Llangon Mountains as Surak's ways did not seek to destroy the old ways.

T'Vet represented the female force toward racial survival, and in the ancient days she was perceived as a protective force for warriors in their battles for food and water. Prayers were made to her to keep the women and children of the clan alive through the summer times. As Surak's teachings became more widespread, the people began to cooperate instead of making war, which allowed them to use irrigation to plant crops instead of relying on animal meat. This led to a diminishing of war and famine which in turn led to T'Vet's worshipers dwindling in number with only a single shrine left in future years.

The worship of T'Vet and the philosophy of Surak existed side by side. Even by the modern era, ceremonies from T'Vet's rituals were adapted by future Vulcans for ceremonies that were still practiced. (TOS novel: The Vulcan Academy Murders)

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