The T'areshi were a tribe that existed on Romulus.

They were a hardy group of Romulans that resided at the T'aresh Mountains in the Brel'kar continent. The region they called home was often seen as a frozen glacier half the year whilst the other half it was a cold swamp. The T'areshi built houses with an unusual architectural style that combined curved roofs in order to resist heavy snow and ice accumulation along with construction on pilings raised about half a meter off the ground in order to prevent flooding damage during the summertime.

Whilst many Romulans prefer to avoid the cold, the T'areshi enjoyed pitting themselves against the elements which they embraced. They were noted as an energetic people who were full of life and eager for challenges. As such, they tended to participate in sports and other outdoor activities regardless of what temperature thermometer outside showed; this included the fact that they would engage in such actions when it was minus twenty degrees below zero outside. This attitude often meant that they laughed at outsiders who were unwilling to brave the elements with them but greeted anyone who was capable of keeping up with them. To such individuals, they showed an open-hearted honesty and friendliness that shocked Starfleet officers who thought all Romulans as soulless operatives of the Tal Shiar. (Last Unicorn RPG module: The Way of D'era: The Romulan Star Empire)

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